Holy grail of USB OTG adapters

I’ve been looking for the smallest USB OTG cable that could fit into my bag. Why do I need USB OTG where I go? It’s a complicated story, but my passwords are split across 3 things:

  1. Prefix password: Something that I type that’s in my head, as passwordy as you should have a normal password.
  2. Yubikey padding, I carry around 4 Yubikeys with me everywhere I go and they have passphrases that I use to log into various servers.
  3. Domain suffix, just something to keep passwords different if 1 and 2 happen to be the same.

So, for the most part, a lot of apps now use app codes that let you log in with a much simpler password that you can generate from a valid session. However, not all services allow that. Google allows people to generate app specific passwords if they need to set up 3rd party mail clients, but connecting a new phone requires the Google password.

So that’s why I carry one around — for emergencies. I’ve used many OTG cable/adapters in the past, my first one was a cable that only worked with my Yubikeys half the time, might be a loose connection or something.

The second one that I found is actually the smallest USB OTG adapter in the world. Just one slight problem:


There’s no way to physical attach the Yubikey to it without holding it against it and hoping the contacts touch. So the hunt continued until today, when the holy grail of USB adapters arrived.

I bought two and took off the plastic shell on one of them:


The metal casing around the Micro USB head comes off, they probably realized the plastic shell is keeping it connected and didn’t need to spend time on it.



There’s a reason why there’s a 4 month gap between my posts, a reason too familiar to me: addiction. I might as well come clean now, this is what I’ve been playing for the past 4 months:


Yes, my inevitable addiction to Diablo 2 has come back. It was 15 years ago or so when I first played this game, I was in grade 8. I played the heck out of it for a good 3 years and finally stopped in the middle of grade 10 when the game got a bit too boring for me and I really needed to focus on university application (the marks).

I’m not going to say those 3 years went completely to waste. I’ve met many friends during those 3 years whom I’m good friends with. Those 3 years also helped me figure out what I wanted to do in life. Long story short, I joined a gaming group and I volunteered to help with their website and eventually picked up PHP/MySQL and the love for programming.

I stopped playing shortly after the released the biggest change to the game: Patch 1.10, which introduced a wave of new character builds that I’ve never bothered to try because I didn’t want to learn the “new” game.

D2 Again

Fast forward 12 years and I see that Diablo 2 was featured on Awesome Games Done Quick 2016. I watched it a few times and I thought it would be cool to try it out. I’ve only played through the game once and that was not easy and yet this guy did it in under 2 hours. I’ve watched a few more of his videos and decided to give it a go. Obviously I didn’t get anywhere near 2 hours but I did it myself. The character that I played was an Elemental Druid, a build that wasn’t popular before 1.10 because it was rather weak, but 1.10 changed a lot and made them quite powerful and very easy to play through the game.

So, after playing through the game in Normal difficulty, I thought I’d try it in Nightmare and Hell (same game but increased difficulty). Unfortunately, if I did this in single player (not online) I’ll have tendencies to cheat and give my character boosts when I’m struggling — so I decided to start a new Druid on Battle.net.

I had finished my Druid through all 3 difficulties but struggled to get any meaningful equipment on him. I gave up on the Druid and uninstalled the game when I heard there was a new ladder season starting. A ladder season is basically when they move all of the previous ladder characters to join non-ladder characters and everyone has a fresh start. I figured with my new knowledge of the game, I wanted to see how far I can get with a Sorceress.

The Sorceress played quite nicely and I built myself a good amount of currency in game, I looked into other character builds that I never tried before.

My co-op student saw me watching more Diablo 2 speed runs during lunch and asking if I played. I said I play and we would start new characters off and beat the game together — something he had not done either. I decided to rebuild my Druid but with meaningful equipment while he started a Barbarian. Skip a few months and the both characters are done and with the best equipment.

Why am I still playing?

Absolutely no idea. There’s nothing left to do in the game with my roster of characters so I’m just wasting my time playing. I’ve decided that I will stop playing at the end of August 2016. When I was addicted back in 2004, that’s how I stopped myself, just quitting cold turkey.


Fine fine, snacks it is. Obviously I tried the Swedish Fish Oreos as soon as possible and the general consensus of my colleagues is that it’s… not good. It’s not like they couldn’t get the taste of the Swedish Fish properly, it’s just the chocolate cookie completely overwhelms and creates a horrible taste in your mouth. That said, I had to try it with a vanilla cookie.


Out came the butter knife and the transfer was a success. White cookie + Swedish Fish filling is passable as a cookie, I won’t say it’s my favourite flavour but it’s more palatable compared to the chocolate cookie combination.

Ohio Trip

Long time no post, I’ll have a detailed blog post about the lack of updates. In short, addiction.


Starting with salt, Lays has their world of flavors contest earlier this year and these were the 4 winners in the states. Memphis BBQ is a new flavour for me so I picked it up. The taco one is an oldie.


Now to sweets, the big draw for the weekend was the Swedish Fish Oreos. Everything else was picked off the shelf if I haven’t tried it before.


I’m impressed by the amount of Gatorade I haven’t tried yet. Didn’t go too crazy on the drinks this time around. The Iced Vanilla Java Mio Energy is probably the best out of the bunch.

Much longer post will be out soon with some reviews of the stuff I’ve tried.