Doritos Heatwave

First saw this at my local 7-11, but bought it at my Sobeys.

I’m normally not a big fan of spicy chips, my spice tolerance is pretty low. That said, I wasn’t sure what ‘heat’ really meant so I gave it a try at work. The first part of the chip was a nice sweet BBQ, it was very enjoyable. It takes around 5-10 seconds before the chip turns on you and becomes slightly spicy. I was able to tolerate this amount, so it wouldn’t be considered as a spicy chip to many.

Birthday Cake Froot Loops & Maple Cheerios

I found both of these at my local Sobeys, they are both released to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

I tried both of these for breakfast on Saturday.

Birthday Cake Froot Loops

Honestly, I couldn’t taste whatever the birthday cake flavour was. I think I smell a bit of raspberry, but certainly not like any birthday cake I’ve had.

Maple Cheerios

This one would have to be my winner out of the two. The best way to describe this would be Honey Nut Cheerios, but with maple syrup. It still doesn’t beat out the Honey Nut ones.

Firework Oreos

Looks like I missed my May 1 post.

Purchased from Sobeys in Waterloo, ON.

I think this is one of the lucky times that Canada gets an Oreo flavour before the Americans. The taste is basically a regular black and white Oreo, but with pop rocks inside the filling. The first one I ate was eaten like a regular Oreo and no desired effect was felt. The second one, however, I left to melt in my mouth and it created the desired popping effect.

It’s a gimmick flavour for sure, it’s a welcome addition to the regular cookie but not one to weird out on.