Ohio Trip

Long time no post, I’ll have a detailed blog post about the lack of updates. In short, addiction.


Starting with salt, Lays has their world of flavors contest earlier this year and these were the 4 winners in the states. Memphis BBQ is a new flavour for me so I picked it up. The taco one is an oldie.


Now to sweets, the big draw for the weekend was the Swedish Fish Oreos. Everything else was picked off the shelf if I haven’t tried it before.


I’m impressed by the amount of Gatorade I haven’t tried yet. Didn’t go too crazy on the drinks this time around. The Iced Vanilla Java Mio Energy is probably the best out of the bunch.

Much longer post will be out soon with some reviews of the stuff I’ve tried.

Gatorade Summit Storm


I stopped by my local 7-11 yesterday just before board games to check out their latest selection of junk foods. The first thing I see walking into the store was a new flavour of Gatorade: Summit Storm.

After sampling it with my lunch, I’m not sure what it’s supposed to taste like. It has a bit of berry in it for sure, hint of citrus maybe.