Orville Redenbacher’s Sweet Peppermint Popcorn


Sometimes popcorn can be good. The cheese/butter flavours are enjoyable while watching a movie. The chocolate/caramel ones are a wonderful dessert.

This one, however, wasn’t exactly meant to be a popcorn flavour. The taste was a bit off, it was like chewing gum while eating popcorn. Eating a whole handful made it almost feel that way since I didn’t want to have to swallow it.


Chip update

It’s been a while, things have been busy for me. Lays released their Do Us a Flavour chips in Canada: Butter Chicken, Montreal Smoked Meat, PEI Scalloped Potatoes, Cowboy BBQ Beans.

Picked up at a Wal-Mart though they were available in almost every major store I went to.


From left to right on my shopping cart:

PEI Scalloped Potatoes

I have something against potato flavoured potato chips. There’s really nothing you’re adding or taking away by making it a chip. In this case, it’s pretty much just cheese flavoured.

Montreal Smoked Meat

The flavour is actually the whole sandwich, not just the meat. It was very similar to the sandwich, I can taste a hint of pickle in addition to the spices.

Butter Chicken

Quite a buttery taste but heavier on the spices. I haven’t had butter chicken before so I’m unsure of the taste accuracy.

Cowboy BBQ Beans

The wavy chip actually makes the chip taste worse. I’m not sure what the intentions were but I couldn’t taste any BBQ in it.

Doritos Collisions (Habanero + Guacamole)


I have a beef with these Doritos. The bag portrays an even split between the two flavors. In each of the 3 bags I purchased, the ratio was roughly 70/30 in favour of the Habaneros. The habanero chips weren’t too spicy and the guacamole chips were okay. The main complain is the unevenness of it.

But this gives me an idea….


Lays had a Grilled Cheese and Ketchup flavour 2 years ago which tasted nothing like what I ate for a lot of my undergrad. If Lays combined two different chips (1:1 ratio!) into the bag, it might actually work out for them!

Do Us A Flavor Round 2



Finally had time to do the last two flavors and here are my thoughts.

West Coast Truffle Fries

I remembered having truffle fries at a restaurant once but I couldn’t remember what it tasted like. After trying the chips, there’s a hint of sour cream/onion taste but less of the sour cream and more so on the onion.

Southern Biscuits and Gravy

Never really had biscuits and gravy so I’m also going in blind for these. The taste was a bit mild, there’s a hint of gravy flavor but then the chip takes over.

My Rankings

  1. Greektown Gyro
  2. Truffle Fries
  3. New York Reuben
  4. Biscuits and Gravy

Bonus Chips

One of my colleagues at work was visiting Buffalo and picked up some chips, Tops has pretty unique flavors and the one I sampled was much better than most of the Lays.


Cheddar & Horseradish is not something I’d particularly enjoy but as the chip guy at the office I had to try one. I immediately smelled the horseradish as the bag was being passed around. The chip itself had a decent cheesy taste to it and the horseradish kicks in right after. It’s quite pungent and well done.

Coming up next

Lays Do Us A Flavour for the Canadian flavours.

Chips, Chips, & Chips!

I just got back from my trip to Columbus OH. Shout outs to Heroes and Games for hosting the annual OP Cup at their store. Whenever I go to the US, I always do a grocery run and load up on junk food you can only get south of the border. I only managed to pick up about $50 US this time around.

Pringles – Cheese Burger



I am finding these Food Truck flavors quite appetizing. They have familiar flavors that I know and they hit it spot on. The previous trip netted me some Kickin’ Chicken Taco Pringles and those had the familiar taco spices but I think chicken was only in the name for the rhyme. This time around I found the Cheese Burger flavor and, no surprise, it tastes like cheese burger. The taste was too evenly spread out but overall it was satisfying.

Lays – New York Reuben


I’ll be honest, I haven’t tasted a Reuben sandwich before, at least not a proper one. And because of that, I didn’t know what to expect. The taste seemed like a complete mix of flavors that neutralized it completely. There’s a hint of the tangy-ness of the sauerkraut but that’s about it.

Lays – Kettle Cooked Greektown Gyro


On the contrary to the Reuben, I’ve had many gyro pitas, I even had one this past weekend in Columbus. My expectations for this chip was low, expecting it to taste similar to the Kettle Cooked Tzatziki from last year’s Canadian DUAF contest.

I was wrong.

There’s a very strong lamb taste to the chip. It really does taste like gyro meat with a bit of helpings. This is currently at the top of list.

What’s Next?

Two US DUAF chips down, two to go. I will try the West Coast Truffle Fries and Southwest Biscuits and Gravy and report back having never tried either one ‘properly’.

Key Lime Pie Oreos

Just got these in today thanks to a colleague of mine at work.


I’ve tasted the Lemon Twist Oreos before and this one is very comparable to the sour/tangy taste. The graham cookie is a nice tough even though it’s only a hint of graham cookie flavouring.

It really does taste like a key lime pie, not much else to say about it. The icing isn’t overpowering and works well with the cookie.

Bring on the snacks!

My Soylent experiment is officially halted now and I’ll do a post sometime this weekend about my thoughts and what I’ll do with the rest of bags.

Wonderful timing too because I received this in my mailbox today:

Box isn’t edible 🙁

I signed up for a global snack food by mail service called Universal Yums. It costs me $30 per month for a big box and I get to sample snack foods from around the world. Granted, being from Toronto and living within an hour from the city, I have access to foods from a lot of cultures, I just need to look. But I’m lazy.


Inside the card
Inside the card

Online version of the card

There are a lot of foods from this box I’ve tasted before. I’ve had some form of Chocolate Hello Panda since I was a little kid. Mango Hi-Chew is available at my local Wal-Mart. The Kasugai Gummies were available in grape when I was a kid. The rest should be interesting, I’m very excited to taste Cookies & Cream Pocky. I’ll post a review once I had time to taste them all.