Bring on the snacks!

My Soylent experiment is officially halted now and I’ll do a post sometime this weekend about my thoughts and what I’ll do with the rest of bags.

Wonderful timing too because I received this in my mailbox today:

Box isn’t edible 🙁

I signed up for a global snack food by mail service called Universal Yums. It costs me $30 per month for a big box and I get to sample snack foods from around the world. Granted, being from Toronto and living within an hour from the city, I have access to foods from a lot of cultures, I just need to look. But I’m lazy.


Inside the card
Inside the card

Online version of the card

There are a lot of foods from this box I’ve tasted before. I’ve had some form of Chocolate Hello Panda since I was a little kid. Mango Hi-Chew is available at my local Wal-Mart. The Kasugai Gummies were available in grape when I was a kid. The rest should be interesting, I’m very excited to taste Cookies & Cream Pocky. I’ll post a review once I had time to taste them all.