Don’t be lazy…

I’m just doing my Soylent mix for Monday morning after a weekend being almost Soylent free and enjoying food (and my new slow cooker!). Important tip when mixing cocoa powder to Soylent, finishing mixing the Soylent first and then do the mix of cocoa powder. Doing it all at once tends to clump the cocoa together and make it stick to the roof of the Soylent jug with dry Soylent hidden within the cocoa.

My current mix to make Soylent delicious is 4 scoops of Soylent plus 7 or so teaspoons of sugar into 1L of water plus 3-4 tablespoons of cocoa powder. Again, the goal of my Soylent challenge isn’t to lose weight or be healthy, it’s to see if I can survive mostly off Soylent.

I’m going to attempt a 100% Soylent day on Monday.

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