Gatorade Summit Storm

Gatorade Summit Storm


I stopped by my local 7-11 yesterday just before board games to check out their latest selection of junk foods. The first thing I see walking into the store was a new flavour of Gatorade: Summit Storm.

After sampling it with my lunch, I’m not sure what it’s supposed to taste like. It has a bit of berry in it for sure, hint of citrus maybe.

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  1. under ingredients it lists “purple sweet potato juice (color) that’s the only clue i’ve found

    • omg thank you, i knew the taste but the purple threw me off and it was buggin the crap out of me all day.

  2. My first taste was of banana, and then maybe pineapple. It tastes like that pineapple/orange/banana juice I used to drink as a kid.

  3. I am in search for 48 bottles of this exact gatorade! I live in central Illinois and any help would be appreciated!

  4. 7/11 is the only place i found it. They had huge stack outs. I’m in Dallas, TX; I’m not sure if it is a regional thing or not.

  5. Seven eleven is the only carrier, not regional, im in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia an hour out of DC. Ive tried looking at the Pepsi site, as that’s who runs gatorade, no information. Im stuck on it being a peach/berry.

  6. I can taste maybe pineapple, maybe some coconut but I can’t put my finger on the taste, whatever it is, it’s really good, and I am gonna stock up on it

  7. Its totally peach rosenburgers ice tea tastes exactly like it snag a bottle if you can and compare .. Crazy

  8. I believe it is peach ice tea. I like the drink and can’t get enough of it. I know it’s tea because I do not like ice tea but can definitely taste the blend with the peach and think it’s a great combo

  9. Yo guys, this purple drank is peach flavor my dudes. I tasted it first and realized the flavor. I put it down and someone popped a xan in it. Still tasted good.

  10. 7-11 is an owner of Gatorade. That’s why they have it before anybody else.
    I don’t know what flavor it is but I think it is my favorite flavor so far. Pretty upset they don’t have lemon ice. That was my favorite.

  11. My best guess after drinking half a bottle…

    Peach & Pear with some Cucumber or perhaps Cactus.

  12. Idk maybe because im mexican…but it tastes like a mexican candy. Dont know which one but maybe chamoy

  13. I was wondering what the hell it was too. I’m thinkin’ like a topical peach flavor. Peach/mango/pineapple maybe?

    I live about an hour from Toronto, Canada & you can buy this stuff everywhere. Most grocery stores, every convenience store. 3 for 5 bucks! Kind of sad to see that in the US, in some states they are hard to come by. I can buy a case of them at the grocery store lol & they’ve been around for a while so I don’t think they’re going anywhere. My fav is still the red G2!

  14. My nose smells passionfruit – which I’m allergic to- and a nose of mango.
    Gatorade says its tropical fruit and melon.
    Hubby loves it.
    I won’t try until I get definitive ingredients.

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