New KitKats and Cadbury Eggs


Two new flavours of KitKats came out at the beginning of the year: Cookies and Cream, and Mint.

20160119_191735 (1)

I, um, purchased some. I love both the new flavours but Mint is probably the better of the two, it reminds me of some delicious mint chocolates from my childhood.

They also claim that there is a higher chocolate to wafer ratio on these KitKats. There is a Original KitKat flavour sold along side these two and I am tempted to see if I can notice the new ratio.

Oreo Cadbury Egg


These came as a surprise to me since I was ignoring most of the Easter confectioneries because Valentines chocolates still aren’t on clearance yet.

My take on these is that there is too much frosting. I’m okay with the regular Oreo but there just isn’t enough cookie to make up for the cream inside.

At $1.49 per egg, I’d have to pass on these until Easter clearance.