Board Games (Feb 25)

I still haven’t received my shipment of Oreos so the review will be delayed. I did, however, learn two new boardgames this week. We were also joined by Amanda who works in an adjacent office enclave.

The evening started off with Roll For It, which is turning out to be a very fun intro game and something to play while we wait for the group to arrive. Camel Up and Ca$h ‘n Guns followed after.

Killer Bunnies


The first new game was Killer Bunnies, suggested by both Amanda and Chris. The goal of the game is to obtain the carrot card that matches the predetermined carrot card at the bottom of a similar stack that is hidden to all players. It’s effectively a game of mostly chance since you only need 1 carrot to possibly win the game.

The rules weren’t properly explained to me, so I wasn’t exactly sure what was legal for me to do during my turn. It started making more sense toward the end of the game but it was too late. I did, however, manage to be the biggest jerk possible. There was a weapon card which I play that wiped out a lot of bunnies and I immediately played another card I had which was to use the weapon again, which I did. I massacred all of the bunnies on the table during that turn.



The last game of the evening was Dixit. You have to try and find a clever way to describe one of your cards without blatantly giving it away. There’s a straight forward points system based on how the guesses worked out. The game involves a lot of imagination and creativity, both of which I don’t have. I didn’t do too bad, I ended up 1 point away from the eventual winner.

Board Games February 04

We added a 5th member to our board gaming group! Our colleague Daniel finally had time to join us last Thursday and we decided to start off slowly with relatively easy games to teach/play.

Camel Up


This is one of the games I had purchased over the Winter holiday. The game involves betting on 5 camels over the duration of the race. You can bet on which camel will finish ahead of the others after all 5 dice are rolled, you can also bet on the overall winning/losing camels. Extremely fun game, very simple to explain. I was playing it a bit wrong with my cousins.

King of Tokyo


My family also owns this game, it’s a dice rolling game which you become a monster and either try to score victory points or try to kill off all the other monsters. You earn points by rolling certain dice, by entering/staying in Tokyo, or other effects from cards. You lose health if monsters attack you while you’re in Tokyo or if the monster currently inside Tokyo attacks you. Another very easy to explain game.



Tsuro is a game where you place tiles on the board and your character piece moves along the paths the tiles make. That’s pretty much 90% of the rules. Your piece continues moving if a new tile is placed in front of it even when it’s not your turn. And you die when your character reaches an edge of the playing space or collides with another piece. Another very easy to explain game.

And we ended the night with Fluxx.


I should be getting the Cinnamon Bun Oreos soon, as well as the Filled Cupcake ones that just came out today. There’s really not much I have to review but I will have Batman/Superman cereal sometime this week and it should be quite delicious.

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