New KitKats and Cadbury Eggs


Two new flavours of KitKats came out at the beginning of the year: Cookies and Cream, and Mint.

20160119_191735 (1)

I, um, purchased some. I love both the new flavours but Mint is probably the better of the two, it reminds me of some delicious mint chocolates from my childhood.

They also claim that there is a higher chocolate to wafer ratio on these KitKats. There is a Original KitKat flavour sold along side these two and I am tempted to see if I can notice the new ratio.

Oreo Cadbury Egg


These came as a surprise to me since I was ignoring most of the Easter confectioneries because Valentines chocolates still aren’t on clearance yet.

My take on these is that there is too much frosting. I’m okay with the regular Oreo but there just isn’t enough cookie to make up for the cream inside.

At $1.49 per egg, I’d have to pass on these until Easter clearance.

Adding a bit of flavor

Probably a bit hard to see, but for tomorrow’s Soylent mix, I’m going with chocolate. There was nothing special involved except mixing in a few tablespoons of cocoa powder with my normal 1L + 4 scoops of Soylent. I’ll let it mix around tonight and post my thoughts about it in tomorrow’s post.

Eating a bit of food made a huge difference in my concentration at work. Going for a pure Soylent diet is on the extreme end of things and isn’t cut out for me. I’m surviving on breakfast and lunch as my Soylent meals and dinner will be what I normally eat.

Food colouring seems to be a bad idea. I actually didn’t mind my Soylent when it was that chalky white colour, it reminded me of soy milk. Adding green wasn’t too bad, red made it quite pink and I got some weird looks on the bus. Blue seems a bit normal to me, but it was sky blue.