Ohio Trip

Long time no post, I’ll have a detailed blog post about the lack of updates. In short, addiction.


Starting with salt, Lays has their world of flavors contest earlier this year and these were the 4 winners in the states. Memphis BBQ is a new flavour for me so I picked it up. The taco one is an oldie.


Now to sweets, the big draw for the weekend was the Swedish Fish Oreos. Everything else was picked off the shelf if I haven’t tried it before.


I’m impressed by the amount of Gatorade I haven’t tried yet. Didn’t go too crazy on the drinks this time around. The Iced Vanilla Java Mio Energy is probably the best out of the bunch.

Much longer post will be out soon with some reviews of the stuff I’ve tried.

Do Us A Flavor Round 2



Finally had time to do the last two flavors and here are my thoughts.

West Coast Truffle Fries

I remembered having truffle fries at a restaurant once but I couldn’t remember what it tasted like. After trying the chips, there’s a hint of sour cream/onion taste but less of the sour cream and more so on the onion.

Southern Biscuits and Gravy

Never really had biscuits and gravy so I’m also going in blind for these. The taste was a bit mild, there’s a hint of gravy flavor but then the chip takes over.

My Rankings

  1. Greektown Gyro
  2. Truffle Fries
  3. New York Reuben
  4. Biscuits and Gravy

Bonus Chips

One of my colleagues at work was visiting Buffalo and picked up some chips, Tops has pretty unique flavors and the one I sampled was much better than most of the Lays.


Cheddar & Horseradish is not something I’d particularly enjoy but as the chip guy at the office I had to try one. I immediately smelled the horseradish as the bag was being passed around. The chip itself had a decent cheesy taste to it and the horseradish kicks in right after. It’s quite pungent and well done.

Coming up next

Lays Do Us A Flavour for the Canadian flavours.

It begins again…


I’m back to blogging. Mostly focused on the junk foods I acquire on a weekly basis. Though to start off, the blog will be mostly about Soylent.

Soylent is a different kind of food, the essentials of keeping a human alive in powdered form and mixed with water. I’ve been asked by many people why I’m attempting this. For starters, I’m not doing this to lose weight. I’m a bit on the bigger size of most humans but Soylent was never an attempt to shed extra weight. I see this as an experiment. In almost all of the articles I’ve read and videos I’ve watched, the people reviewing Soylent seem to be fit individuals. I want to see how well it does for someone who’s unfit.

Other than Soylent, I plan to post short reviews of junk foods I find during my grocery trips every week. I’ll also be visiting the USA every few months and loading up on junk food you can only get over there and give a Canadian take on their food.