10 Years in Waterloo

(I’ll get back to the food stuffs shortly, I have the Lay’s world flavours of chips coming up)

Our house, as seen in 2007
Our apartment, as seen in March 2007

September 2 2006

The day I moved out of my parents house and started my undergrad at the University of Waterloo. I remember it was rainy to start the day, not heavy rain, just enough to make us quickly bring the stuff in from the van to our apartment. Felix had moved in early in the morning, Brian and I came around the lunch hour. Kim, our landlord’s preferred handyman was busy making last minute changes to the house.

We hadn’t decided which room we would be occupying, so we drew lots. I got the biggest room and one of the most problematic ones in years to come. And we settled in, computers were the first thing we unpacked, we had no real Internet access since our modem was scheduled to be delivered on September 5th. Dial up was still an option for us and we connected to see where we were supposed to meet for our frosh week activities.

After our first dinner in the house, we decided to walk around the city. Details are a bit fuzzy, but I vaguely remember us walking all the way to Chapters at King/Weber to pick up a map of Kitchener-Waterloo. We proceeded to walk to UW campus along University Ave and down Westmount and make a big circle home. Walking along Erb St, Felix noticed a bookshelf that he picked up the next day. It started raining as we approached Caroline and Bridgeport. By the time we reached the Sobeys at the Bridgeport Plaza we were soaking wet and wasn’t sure whether to walk north or south. Luckily, I remembered the Shoppers Drug Mart was south of our house and spotted it in the distance.

10 years.

10 years in Waterloo.

10 years of countless memories and life changing events.

Bao Sandwich Bar

A recent post on Reddit came to my attention yesterday and I knew I had to pay them a visit. They sell banh mi, the Vietnamese sub, as well as bao and a few other items, but the banh mi is why I went.

It’s a comfort food, I’ve eaten too many of them to count since my childhood. It’s so simple: french bread, pate, mayonnaise, cold cuts, carrots, daikon, cucumber, and cilantro.

I was running errands today and decided to end my trip at the shop, which is conveniently located near Wilfrid Laurier, but not the easiest to find. It’s in the back of a building and you have to walk all the way around.

Five Spices Pork
Crackling Pork

There was some confusion when I ordered my sandwiches. I thought there would be some kind of traditional meat available but the “banh mi 2.0” style is with much different meats. I got the Five Spices Babe and Crackle Belly on banh mi. Both of them were quite good, I liked the Crackle Belly more than the Five Spices sandwich. Looking at their menu again, I should definitely give the Dynasty Duck and Seoul Beef one a try on my next visit.

Quick preview of my next food post: